(1) Simple Will Flat-Rate Package

Cost: $600 plus notary fee(s)

Includes: Drafting a simple custom will and detailed institutions on how to have the document notarized (if you so choose). Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. will retain an original copy of your will in your client file for no additional charge.

Who Qualifies: People that want a “simple” will. Meaning people who don’t want complex inheritance schemes or who want to place complicated conditions upon inheritance. They want their estate to go to their spouse, children, or other direct family. This package is not recommended for people with minor children. This package is best suited for people with small to mid-sized estates.

Please Note: Even if this package doesn’t fit your legal needs, Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. offers complex custom will drafting at a low hourly rate. In addition, most of our will-drafting services qualify for our maximum hours cap policy.

(2) Advanced Care Planning Package

Cost: $600 plus notary fee(s)

Includes: Custom Advanced Care Directive Drafting and establishing a Power of Attorney scheme best suited for your needs.

Who Qualifies: Everyone over 18 years old that is legally competent to contract.

Note: Certain ethical restrictions apply. Please see the practice areas page for more information.

(3) Will Update (simple codicil)

$75 if Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. drafted the will

$150 if another firm drafted the will

Who qualifies: People that have a valid and overall up-to-date will that simply needs a minor update or alteration. This package is not recommended for people who want to place conditions on inheritance.

This service is ideal for:

  • Clients who recently sold, bought, or gave away an item of real or personal property that is otherwise disposed of in their will
  • People that were recently blessed with a grandchild, niece, nephew, or other addition to the family
  • People that want to specifically dispose of property they have acquired since drafting their will or forgot to account for in their will

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Package and Discount Disclaimers

Legal and Ethical Restrictions: As a prerequisite for any discount, Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. must be eligible to represent you in the matter in which you seek representation. Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. cannot represent you when we are forbidden from doing so by the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, State Law, Federal Law, or any other laws binding upon Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. and/or its attorneys. Further, we cannot represent you if doing so would create a clear conflict of interest or cause Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. or its attorneys to breach fiduciary duties it has to another client and/or former client.

Non-Transferable: Discount and special offers cannot be transferred to other firms (even if you referred to those firms by Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C.). Discounts and special offers may not be applicable to fee sharing arrangements with other attorneys; but such determinations must be made on a case-by-case basis. Discounts cannot be applied to court-appointed or pro-bono clients.

Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. maintains the right to refuse representation and/or discontinue representation in the following circumstances. In such circumstances, the client/prospective client/former client relinquishes the right to any discounts he or she would otherwise be entitled.

(1) After careful consideration, in the professional judgment of Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C.’s owner, ending representation is the most prudent course of action to prevent/mitigate a conflict of interest or breach of fiduciary duties. If this is no-fault of the client/potential client/former client Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. will do all it reasonably and ethically can to assist the client/potential client/former client to find another affordable attorney or law firm.

(2) The client seeks representation in an area Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. doesn’t practice and/or representation on a matter that Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. cannot provide the quality legal representation. A complete and up-to-date list of Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C.’s practice areas is viewable at

(3) The client seeks action that drastically offends the moral sensibilities of Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C.’s owner (to the point representation would create a conflict of interest between Taylor Ann (Anna) Fiorvento and the client). These include, but are not limited to, situations where a client is attempting to end their own life or the life of another through euthanasia, assisted suicide, abortion, deprivation of food, water, or shelter, refusal of ordinary care or the standard of care for an otherwise treatable/curable condition, or people trying to achieve these ends through roundabout mean; situations where a client is attempting to permanently or temporarily sterilize him or herself or someone else due to race, ethnicity, religion, social status, mental or physical disability, wealth, criminal status or history, or other traditionally eugenics-motivated reasons. (procedures meant to cure or treat disease that result in serialization as a secondary effect are excluded; such as removal of cancerous reproductive organs); situations where someone is sterilized or given contraceptives due to race, ethnicity, region, financial status, genetic test results, family or personal disease history, criminal status, social status, stereotypes, physical or mental disability, and/or other factors historically used to justify eugenics and/or genocide; situations where a client/potential client/former client is attempting to commit fraud, perjury, or another crime of dishonesty against another person, government agency, or organization; and/or situations where a client/potential client/ former client is attempting to violate and/or deprive his or her future self or someone else of their express constitutional rights, express human rights (as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), or natural rights.

(4) When a client, without excuse, consistently does not communicate important information to Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C.; to the point that Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. cannot adequately represent them.

(5) If a client/prospective client/former client lies to or otherwise attempts to mislead Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C., its owner, and/or its other representatives

(6) If a client/prospective client/former client has threatened or actually caused physical harm Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C.’s owner, close business associates, any staff Fiorvento Law P.L.L.C. may one day hire, and/or friends and family of these people.

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